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Double LTE Dual Polarization Plate Antenna

Available with TD-FA  GSM1800  CDMA2000  WCDMA
Quality is safe and reliable
Fine appearance
Excellent indicator
Easy to install
Frequency range(MHZ) 1710-2700/1710-2700
Polarization ±45°
Gain(dBi) 15/15
Electrical downtilt(°) 2-12 (手动电调或遥控电调)
Beam width(Horizontal)(°) 90±5
Beam width(vertical)(°) 7
Sidelobe suppression for first sidelobe above element beam pattern(dB) ≤-16
Front-to-back ratio(dB) ≥25
Cross-polar ratio(0°)(dB) ≥15
±60°Cross-polar ratio(dB) ≥10
Isolation(dB) ≥28
Input Impedance(Ω) 50
(Element Beam Pattern) VSWR(voltage standing-wave ratio) <1.5
@20W Third-order Intercept Point(dBm) ≤-107
Input power(W) 200
Connector 2*2*DIN-F